50cc Scooter (RN)
A Scooter is a motorcycle that;-

Is designed so as not to be capable of a speed exceeding 50 km/h; and either-
- Has an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc; or is not powered by a piston engine. Whether or not it is also capable of being   

  propelled by pedalling, but does not include a power assisted pedal cycle.

- Minimum age 16 years.

When can you start learning to ride: - Minimum age 15 years 6 months.



A LAMS approved motorcycle with an engine capacity not exceeding 660cc and with a power to weight ratio not exceeding

150 Kw/t

- No experience required (minimum age 17 years).

- Experience required to upgrade your licence or remove a restriction:

You can start learning to ride: - As soon as you turn 16 years of age.


The REA class is the same as the above RE class, but means you can only ride an automatic scooter or motorcycle.


A motorcycle with an engine capacity exceeding 660cc or a power to weight ratio exceeding 150 Kw/t.

- Must have held an R-E (Motorcycle) class licence for at least one (1) year.

You can start learning to ride: - Once attaining your restricted motorcycle licence (R-E class).



What will I need?

- A valid learner's permit obtainable from any DPi Licence centre. (Prior to booking lessons)

- Your Learners Permit must accompany you on all lessons.

- You will need to wear trousers, adequate enclosed footwear and a long sleeved top. 

- Motorcycle (except moped & scooter), helmet with intercom systems (Bike to Bike) and Learner vests are provided for you or you can 

  use your own bike and helmet.

- Min 8 hr Cancellation or Full Fee Applies (min exceptions) A/H Cancellation Via SMS

- No Eftpos Available



Test Day

We cover all licence centres in Perth including Rockingham, Mandurah & Northam.

We will turn up on test day!





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